Ungril the Battlemaster
Ungril created on 13th of April 2020, and is currently 23 years old (82 hours played).

Title: the Battlemaster
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: fire giant warrior

Background history:

  1. A pain in the nose - posted at 2020-04-19 10:28:59
A pain in the nose
Ungril was always angry. His fury and frustration was overwhelming. His family beat him regularly and made fun of the young giant. Ungril's rage was out of control and when he tried to fight back, his father (a well respected warrior) would clobber him and use Ungril's rage against him. Ungril was not stupid though (at least, for a giant) and learnt quickly that anger could work against him. In the dark nights, Ungril would sneak out of the family cave to meet with Ugula the mighty warrior who had been Ungril's father's greatest rival. Ugula saw an opportunity in the young giant to settle some old scores, so he trained Ungril in secret. Over time Ungril began to show real promise and was able to keep his anger in check and he became more calm, almost serene when in combat. Over several years Ungril grew large, a towering figure even for a Fire Giant. His skills as a warrior were growing also. One day Ungril's cruel father once again taunted Ungril and as he raised his fist to strike his son Ungril saw the opportunity. He grabbed his father's head in both his hands and drove his own head into his father's face. Ungril's nose exploded on contact however this was nothing compared to what happened to his father, who's entire head cracked open with a large snap. Ungril stood over his father's limp body and laughed.


The stench of death surrounds this monster towering over you. A mighty Fire Giant stands before you, the size of at least four humans. His head is utterly bald and his incredibly ugly face is a fearsome sight, covered in vicious scars and a nose so bent out of shape as to appear utterly abnormal. His arms and legs are thick and powerful and covered with various pieces of armor, most of which has clearly seen better days.