Lolath the Holy Knight, Esteemed Noble of Valour
Lolath created on 21st of June 2014, and is currently 71 years old (526 hours played).

Title: the Holy Knight, Esteemed Noble of Valour
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: jotun paladin

Background history:

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The life of Lolath
Lolath was born into a large family and has learned family values from his parents. At a very early age, he was learned things such as honor, respect and courage. Lolath was a part of a very large family and grew up around Valour. Lolath was raised in Storm Hill with his large family and learned of the Knights at an early age. He often enjoys the company of these all races the display a good heart and that want to see Thera become a more civil community. He wishes to restore Thera back to its good ways and preserve the values of the Knights.


With intense blue eyes, he regards the realms with amusement from beneath a crown of long shiny blond hair. Pale white, almost ice like skin reveals itself in radiance tone what sets his mood. Bright cheeks seem to be prepetually curved into a cheerful grin. He is very tall for a Jotun, standing in at seven foot tall. He is dressed in rather revealing armor, which displays his rather hefty physique. Lolath has the look of a divine warrior ready to strike down those that oppose him. His movements are fairly graceful yet Lolath has heavenly power that worries his enemies.

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