Kaareg the Holy Patriarch of Healing
Kaareg created on 29th of June 2016, and is currently 54 years old (250 hours played).

Title: the Holy Patriarch of Healing
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: dwarf healer

Background history:

  1. The Will of Kaareg - posted at 2016-07-18 04:58:39
The Will of Kaareg
Kaareg was born into a broken family and has learned how to take care of himself on his own. At a very early age, he was left abandoned in the woods within the Armageddon Sanctuary. Kaareg knew that he was left by his family due to the evil presences that plagued Thera when he was first born. Being on his own, Kaareg has developed some strong beliefs on how Serin can co-exist with so many different races and classes. Kaareg has trained endlessly within the Sanctuary and often takes his anger out on his foes. He does not tolerate those that are weak minded and has been known to turn his combat prayers and weapons against those type of people or creatures. Kaareg has adopted many beliefs from Myria since he has such a strong tie to the woods. He often enjoys the company of elves, humans, halflings, pixies, and half-breads because they are often good hearted people that want to see Serin become a more than just a community. Kaareg enjoys socializing with just about anyone at the local tavern and has been known to hold down his liquor quite well.


A dwarven priest stands before you, one of the noblest races in Serin. His beard is his most prominent feature which is dark brown like molasses and runs down the entire length of his chest. His beard is so long that it actually touches the ground and causes him to fall over himself from time to time. His eyebrows are thick like sheep's wool and matted such that they could use a good grooming. Overall, his arms are not very proportional to his body structure since they almost touch the ground. He is a mere 4 foot tall and is just about all arms. His legs are very thick and muscular as though they were built for long periods of travel.

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