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Daorisk created on 28th of November 2018, and is dead and gone (31 years old, 146 hours, 1 year lifetime)

Title: the Grand Master of Seasons
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human monk

Background history:

  1. Mastery - posted at 2018-12-05 19:28:15
The story of Daorisk is a short and simple one. This unordinary monk was average in every way growing up. In his sect, that was fine, journey before destination. Day after day, he practiced with the masters who trained them and the other students. Strike, block, kick, dodge, move, and move some more. During the day they trained their bodies, in the evening their minds. Every single day brought new challenges, and every single day more questions. Finally the time came. For him to advance to his final rank, he must undertake his trial. All monks of this order set out on a journey once their training complete to attain their mastery. Few returned grand-masters, but the mantra said it all. Journey before destination. Many did return to take up habits, but the mastery trial tended to be many years. Long and hard, did he think about what his trial would entail. Finally decision made he set out.


The first thing you notice about this one, is an angry red brand on his face. The brand travels up and over his bald head. Clearly the mark of something terrible. Luckily for him the tips of the burn miss his eyes, clear and green they are. His rounded ears seem too small for his small bald head. Every other thing about him appears average. Not very tall, even for a human's standards he seems to be perfectly still from one moment to the next. He appears fit, but only just with no real definition to speak of.

PK stats:

Kills: 3, Deaths: 9 (Ratio: 0.3, Efficiency: 25%)
Pinnacle Kills: 3, Pinnacle Deaths: 8 (Ratio: 0.4, Efficiency: 27%)

Kills by class:
thief: 1, shaman: 1, dark-knight: 1,
Killed by class:
necromancer: 1, shaman: 1, vampire: 1,

Nemesis: Khiotha

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  1. AnOldSoul [reply]
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    Oh no - why? I adventured with Daorisk on a few different characters. Will miss this guy!
      [reply to AnOldSoul]
    1. BlackWidow [reply]
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      I never expected that to happen... What happened?
        [reply to BlackWidow]
      1. mother fucker
          [reply to Conundo]
        1. Nadrin [reply]
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          Sorry guys, I was in a really bad place last night when I saw the thread at 3 am. I was still in the middle of some serious family shit, and really I just couldn't deal with what I saw. Had no idea that shit on the polls was that public, but I wouldn't have thought about it either with the big push on free speech and the wasteland lately. I don't usually let myself get sucked into flamebait like that, and I probably shouldn't have done anything with the poll but move it to the wasteland like I did. Anyway, sorry for being an asshole and deleting all of my characters, it is not my intent to start another flamewar in the graveyards and shit. I'll be back in a few months when things settle down in my life again, but I can't invest anymore time in it right now.

          Anyway, as Daorisk I had a blast, Met and fought so many people. Conundo you are awesome, keep doing what you are doing. I am proud of your improvement. Don't take this delete personally. I was pretty happy with my record, I was nearing 100 duels, with something close to a 70% win rate. It was lots of fun. See ya later guys.
          1. Stiehl26
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            Sounds like a cop out, though if you’re going through shit, it isn’t. Hope whatever you are/were going through resolved positively for you and them.
          2. Davairus
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            Its ok Nadrin, it wasn't really about just that twitter poll. That was just where I finally ran completely out of patience. Things don't always need to be so uptight around here. Most of us deserve some shit said about us from time to time.
          [reply to Nadrin]
        2. Ive been through thick and thin up and downs with daorisk a lot of my decisions were talked over with him and he directly influenced me on a few occasions to do what ive been doing. I have had great direction from him and this is an absolute loss for Warlords. You will be missed dearly my friend.
          1. Ozaru
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            Sounds like maybe an exalted character
          2. He was involved with Warlord, not sure the reach was far beyond their halls.
          [reply to Conundo]
        3. Nadrin [reply]
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          I had a lot of fun with him, but as the player something felt bland. I dont really think this character deserves exalted. I dont know, in the end my vote doesn't count since it's my character. Regardless I had so much fun, interacted with and dueled so many people. Appreciate the kind words from people.
            [reply to Nadrin]
          1. BlackWidow [reply]
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            I'm not sure about exalted. While I do agree that Daorisk did mentor many people and was a solid fighter, he does not stand out that much to me. (I actually did honor him with the mentor reputation honor as Karea at one point)
            1. you played karea?! i loved her..
            2. BlackWidow
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              Yeah, Karea was one of my best recent characters. I believe I claimed her soon after deletion...
            3. i miss karea
            [reply to BlackWidow]
          2. Davairus [reply]
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            We'd probably get better support for exalted if Nadrin wasn't already exalted, and aside of that, it is nice to see some positive props going on here.
              [reply to Davairus]
            1. tayyah [reply]
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              As a warlord. you hid in your cabal too much when losing. But I did like fighting you. One of the few who were challenging enough i full looted, everytime.
                [reply to tayyah]
              1. Nadrin [reply]
                0 , 0 , 0 .
                Lol I hid in my cabal? Never, you were invading so I fought there, rest of the time I was trying to heal to stop you from capturing. Gotta admit, I was so mad when I set a trap and then you unloaded so much damage it was crazy.
                1. Stiehl26
                  0 , 0 , 1 .
                  How do you know who each other plays?
                [reply to Nadrin]
              2. Nadrin [reply]
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                It's real simple. 1 both of us can read, 2 both of us claimed our characters. Duh.
                  [reply to Nadrin]

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