Weawin the Unholy Knight, Governor of Darkhaven
Weawin created on 22nd of March 2015, and is currently 58 years old (301 hours played).

Title: the Unholy Knight, Governor of Darkhaven
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: jotun dark-knight

Background history:

  1. Lying, cheating, and looting - posted at 2017-04-07 00:36:30
Lying, cheating, and looting
Weawin was born into a broken family and has learned how to take care of himself on his own. At a very early age, he was left abandoned in the abyss of the void west of Serin. Weawin knew that he was left by his family due to their overwhelming goodness. His parents left in the die and disappear into nothingness. Weawin never knew his parents and this has always been a sore spot in his life. You could say that Weawin uses this anger to trick his foes into thinking he is a decent jotun. When he is being malevolent, Weawin has been known to strike down his enemies with a single blow. Weawin eventually wondered Serin until he found his way to Keep of D'al Kadar where he learned several valuable lessons about life. He often enjoys the company of giants and like to extort near-by cities for tax revenue for the great city of Darkhaven. As Weawin has grown in age, he learned quickly that the world needs dishonor, lying, and cheating to thrive.


Before you stands a giant, lean figure. He assumes a relaxed posture, slumped slightly against a nearby surface, keeping his hands together behind his back. He has greyish-blue hair, harshly swept back from his forehead, and falling down his back in a long serpentine plait. It is tied at the end with a purple ribbon, which trails further down his back. Two bangs of hair fall from the center of his hairline down across his face and to his collarbone, and he seems to make no effort to move them. Behind these errant wisps of hair lies a pair of pale grey irises set into a black eyeballs. The effect is somewhat startling, like a negative image of a normal eye. Very little can be read in these disturbing orbs, the grey irises appear fixed in the middle distance, unmoving.

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