Vya the Blood Lotus, Commander of Justice
Vya created on 26th of October 2018, and is currently 33 years old (233 hours played).

Title: the Blood Lotus, Commander of Justice
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: drow shadow

Background history:

  1. The Tempest - posted at 2019-01-10 01:57:36
The Tempest
The Drow is cruel and merciless when left to their own devices. The commonly shared idea of democracy and civil fairness is unheard of to their species, yet they manage to exist together within a territory; forming a civilization through some bastardized version of law and order. For Vya, this was a world to which she was born and raised. Her innate perspective to natural order and self preservation kept her finely tuned to the tactfully ruthless way of her kind, inevitably giving her an edge over the others of her House, of her world. For the uneducated, know that the drow female believe in ruling with the cruelest and the harshest forms of punishment when they, or their law, is challenged or betrayed. Now - the story of Vya. Deep within the twisting, narrow alleyways of the Unlit City remained intact the poorest of the Matron hierarchies. Scum amongst their own kind, murderers and thugs at best, they were resourceful in their survival. Within this faction there were many unspoken decree of law and order that operated as a standard of living, a way that was life or death; an eye for an eye. This was the only entity she respected. Vya, or in her native tongue "Blood Lotus", found her place in this world by using her body. Though this wasn't uncommon in her sector, Vya often found herself mingling amongst the rich and the famous - sought out for her unique ability to entrance a state of euphoria unknown to their kind. The poison runs deep in her blood. Vya was beautiful and clever, but calculated, lacking the emotion of remorse and viciously seeking to be someone else. Her mastery of poison was whispered about her natives and the art of euphoria spread rapidly to those who favored her. However, she made her greatest strides and learnings when things went wrong, when death was present, when the moment of escape, to be nonexistent, even more so than she was ever with her lovers.. Whispers and rumors began to circulate, but her ecstasy could not be denied. Vya was addictive to her native, but they didnt know she was more addicted to them, to becoming someone else, to changing who she was, and to altering a world of law that even she found cruel and unjust. A few years past.. Vya continued her ways. She wasnt unwise, however, she used this time to enhance her ways, to become proficient, to be profound. She found ways to manipulate the higher Order to learn of their decree, to learn deeper of the Law she found chaotic. However, through deeper understanding she learned to respect their nature and the twisted order it brought, she learned to respect Law. On a cold, calm night, Vya was visited by the highest of Matron. Through all the years, through all the yearning to be more, Vya found this chance not a chance at all. The poison dripped too much, a knife unsheathed and Vya took the face of another. Vya was free.

Description (commended):

A devilish looking woman with a sinister face and welcoming grin glares curiously at you. Her complexion resembles a midnight sky used to burn corpses, tinting the shadowy appearance with glimmers of crimson red. Two locks of greying hair fall to each side of her boney face, while the rest of her long hair is pulled tightly into a ponytail, secured by thin strand of burlap rope. The eyes of this creature are fierce and intense, appearing timeless and young. The iris of each eye shimmers with a deep blue that matches the ocean floors of the Dragon Sea and they seem to cringe in the presence of any light. Her jawline and mouth are masked by a uncanny darkness that cloak any movement of her lips, allowing her ominous voice to carry like a chilling wind. The rest of her frame is refined, embellishing her mesomorphic, yet voluptuous shape that carried about it the sense of deadly strength and agility.

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