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Virasen created on 17th of December 2016, and is dead and gone (47 years old, 254 hours, 3 years lifetime)

Title: the Ruler of the Dead
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human necromancer

Background history:

  1. The Beginnings - posted at 2017-02-25 02:09:21
The Beginnings
Virasen was born into a relatively poor family. When he was young, he would often find himself making shady deals in alleys for any bit of extra gold. Often the deals would go wrong, leaving him beaten and battered. After one of the terrible dealings, he found himself in a rundown hut, with a sickly looking man tending to his wounds. The man taught him spells of dark magic. Virasen enjoyed the spells, and wished to gain more knowledge of this dark and powerful magic. The man informed him of the different arts, and soon they came to an agreement: The necromantic ways suit him best. He was sent to Timaran to learn more...


PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 2 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 1 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:

Killed by class:
vampire: 1,

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Tags: #mystic


  1. Nadrin [reply]
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    Woah, why the delete?
    1. Dead weight.
    [reply to Nadrin]
  2. BlackWidow [reply]
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    I see he removed his description before deleting too... heh.
    1. Description was terrible, don't want to trigger people. It met the criteria though and it was for the right race.
    [reply to BlackWidow]
  3. Necro changes last year were awesome(gy's/skellie changes/decorate/preserve). Mastered animate in about 1 1/2 training boosts. Between those two things, I nearly never failed it and needed to have some crappy luck too. Character was a millionaire(bank only holds 1 mill). Think I had 7-8 pets at 30, and found one that's low key OP. At one point I had almost 800 items added to the codex, before all of these item weight changes and lack of activity. It was made to be a trash character to try necro for my first time in over a decade and still was.

    I wanted to find a Mystic or Imm to initiate me at one point, but couldn't. After what felt like ages, I finally got an Imm, so I decided to say screw it and auto-induct myself into Mystics so people didn't have the same issue. Got leader when I wrote a note asking for help inducting someone when there weren't members to help.

    @Ceridwel, I wanted to chat with you in game and ask to be removed from leader, but I never really saw you to say it(my blame here, i got inactive over the last year). I didn't feel right just writing a note asking for a demotion, and wanted to RP it a little.
    1. Ceridwel
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      Thanks for all of your contributions. You were super active when I took over as Mystic Imm but then not so much, but when you were around you were great. Looking forward to your next!
    [reply to Virasen]
  4. Nadrin [reply]
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    Wow, good run man one way or the other. Thanks for what you brought to the game.
      [reply to Nadrin]
    1. The main memory I have of Virasen is when I summoned a shaman away from their ranking group in Mudfall to go for a surprise steamroll - I was all jacked up on errantry/divine sacrifice - and Virasen would have none of it. Chopped me down to size with his necro army right good and quick. Said something along the lines of "don't ever interrupt my ranking party again." To the Commander of Justice! Brainy mystic has balls.
        [reply to Cedowyl]
      1. maeve [reply]
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        How did you not die more?
        1. Not dying to mobs is easy as a necro, just avoid swinging shit. There hasn't been active Knights in about 2 years, I think I was oathed regardless, but was also Anathema at some point as well from some weird bug. I was Legion's Mystic Advisor. I power ranked a ton of people so I didn't make many enemies. I don't even remember dying to a vampire tbh, most of the time they wanted me to do shit with them as well.
        [reply to maeve]

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