Vhrael , Commandant of the Seringale Watch
Vhrael created on 19th of November 2004, and is currently 183 years old (2534 hours played).

Title: , Commandant of the Seringale Watch
Gender: Male
Level: 55
Class: drow bard

Background history:

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Awakened early one night by a blinding flash, a young orphaned drow by the name of Vhrael crawled through the tunnels of the Underdark toward the surface, unarmed and without protection from the elements. Once out of the cavernous city, he looked around for the source of such brilliance, noticing a few other drow appearing to be doing the same. Not noticing anything of importance, most of the small crowd went back below to the safety of their homes. Vhrael, however, remained alert and scanned the dark horizon until his eyes happened upon a bluish glow just below the lowest stars in the sky. As he gazed in the direction of this low light, it became brighter and appeared to grow in size. Entranced by the fiery glowing, Vhrael stared on until the object was close enough to touch. The overall shape of it was that of a six-pointed star, with a blazing bluish flame surrounding it. Once close enough to Vhrael, the object began vibrating and a voice emanated from the air around it. "Drow," the star said. "Know the truth of your blood. Know the truth of the injustice that they suffered at the hands of your own people." Vhrael, having never inquired as to the fate of his long-dead parents and family, began wondering what such a thing meant. The voice spoke once more: "Remember." With that, Vhrael's body was slammed forcefully to the ground, unconscious from the blow. Once he awoke, Vhrael travelled back into the Underdark and reflected upon the message he'd been given. Upon his questioning of the elders in his House regarding the death of his family, Vhrael was beaten to within an inch of his life and outcasted from the Underdark. A middle-aged drow warrior found Vhrael outside of the caverns shortly after, and explained under the threat of his own death that Vhrael's family had been murdered unjustly for having dealings with some traders from the town of Seringale. The drow left, and Vhrael swore to find the town which had aided his family's murder and destroy it. Upon reaching Seringale, however, Vhrael learned that it was the will of the House rulers and not the wrong-doing of any townfolk that had resulted in his being orphaned. Noticing a scarred rune in the shape of a star carved into his left cheek, Vhrael remembered that the message he had received was one of 'injustice' against his family. Hearing the noble yells of Seringale's Justices and their special guards, Vhrael soon studied the Theran laws and learned them well. He met with several Enforcers of Order, even with Lord Jeradan himself, and proclaimed his wishes to join them in the defense of those who couldn't defend themselves. Once he had proven himself to be committed to their goals and ideals, Vhrael donned the mantle of Justice, an enforcer of law and protector of order. During his term as a Keeper of Law, Vhrael defended the cabal against numerous enemies while protecting the lives and rights of the citizens of Seringale. Still feeling that his family's honor hadn't been fully restored, Vhrael pleaded with the gods themselves to grant him the power to oversee Thera as a whole, in an attempt to disperse any amassing of power or wealth from the Underdark. Once his position among the heavens was secured, Vhrael sought to educate the younger generations of Therans so as to eradicate the ignorant mistakes of his ancestors that had left him an orphan, as well as to ensure the continued protection of Seringale's citizens.


A nearly inaudible hum emanates from the cloaked figure standing before you. You can't quite discern any distinguishing characteristics about him due to the large charcoal-coloured shroud clasped tightly around his neck. The ebony cape is hooded, and the hood hangs limply over the head of the shady character, and after a cursory glance across the area the figure pulls the cloak away from its head, revealing a sharply angled face the color of deepest mountain onyx, and hair the color of old cobwebs. The drow's elongated ears twitch nervously, their ends tapering to sharply distinct points. His eyes glow briefly as he mutters some incantation or another, and his hair blows slightly as the air crackles with a bit of unnatural electricity. Barely noticeable is a small star-shaped rune etched into his left cheek, and you can also see that the drow's lip has been split at one time or another.

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