Vevier the Collector of Secrets
Vevier created on 27th of June 2006, and is currently 689 years old (12671 hours played).

Title: the Collector of Secrets
Gender: Female
Level: 57
Class: gnome invoker

Background history:

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Early Life
Vevier was her parent's miracle baby. They had been trying for years to conceive and after two miscarriages, Vevier was born. Her mother was young and pretty and doted on her as a child, able to remain at home and care for her because the amount of money that her father made. She barely ever saw her father, an older man who thought himself a success despite the fact that half of their income did not legally belong to his small family. When she was about seven years old, the town healer knocked on their door. He had bad news. Her father was dead. Her mother took but a few days to make arrangements for them to move in with her elderly mother, Vevier's grandmother then began to work. The two new pairs of hands helped to breathe new life into the small bakery and they prospered. A few years later, Vevier's grandmother passed in her sleep and the business fell into her mother's hands. With her daughter old enough to watch the bread and pastries on her own, she could spend more time in front, interacting with the customers. She was still young and as young people will do, she fell in love with another young gnome. He was handsome and Vevier liked him, so with no regrets , Vevier acquired a new father. Almost immediately, Vevier's mother became pregnant, and was in that state for a few years. Vevier found herself with a half dozen brothers and sisters who she was in charge of while her mother worked, but instead of begrudging this responsibility , she embraced it. She loved her siblings and tried her best to keep them happy while her parents worked. Everything was going very well for her family until the summer that she turned fourteen. For a few years their little town had been starting to suffer from failing crops, but the famine had hit harder than ever before. With no wheat to make bread, the bakery began to fail, and to add salt onto the wound, her youngest brother fell out of a tree while practicing to become a ranger. Her mother was devastated, for aside from her miracle child, he had been her favorite , always going out of his way to bring her flowers or herbs to add to dinner...A few weeks later, she refused to leave her bedroom and died as well, from a broken heart. Her step-father tried to hold the family together, but even as the famine ended, he found that he did not have the same skill in the kitchen as his wife had and was forced to return to clothes making. After just a few more short years, Vevier came to realize that he could not support her and the rest of her siblings on his own. With a heavy heart, she took her best clothes and left, leaving only a note of apology for her father. In that note, she also explained that she would send as much gold back as she could. And so, despite the fact that she had no life skills beyond caring for little children and baking a killer loaf of bread, Vevier set off for the land of dreams, known to everyone else as Thera.


A frumpy pink bonnet sits on a pile of bushy blond hair belonging to this gnome woman. Generous brown eyes peer out at the world from behind a pair of dirty spectacles which are precariously perched on an over-sized nose. Her heavy armor is strapped onto her body uncomfortably, as it was improperly fitted. Not helping the fit at all are the little bits of dough and flour which fall occasionally with her movements from where they were previous trapped in small openings and joints. Falling from her waist to mid-knee is a small pink and white checkered apron. She likes to bake.

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