Vanisse the Myth Weaver
Vanisse created on 13th of June 2012, and is currently 410 years old (7279 hours played).

Title: the Myth Weaver
Gender: Female
Level: 58
Class: drow invoker

Background history:

  1. Mortal Days - posted at 2016-08-06 07:36:10
Mortal Days
Vanisse was orphaned at birth, and knew nothing of her biological family. Left swaddled on the doorstep of the bard guild of Timaran, she learned to sing before she learned to speak. Music and lyrical poems were the way she connected to the world as a child, learning the history of Serin from ballads and folksongs. Naturally, these pieces took many liberties with the kernels of true stories buried within. So she grew up with a bit of a fanciful eye of the world around her. As she grew older, she ventured to the next great city, a smaller but more densely populated one to the west, home of the great Mocker's Tavern. It was there that she read her first issues of the Serin Mystique, and tried her hand at penning her own stories. The delight she found from creating such fantasies on paper led her to seek a position within the halls of the Heralds. Many years of storytelling and storygathering later, Vanisse worked her way to the position of High Herald. She held the title for some time under the guidance of Torkalen, whose fondness of goats made a great impression upon her. Later, when an unseen Immortal raised her to immortality, she remembered the Observer's goats with great nostalgia and had one installed in the Traveller's Rest for posterity. When the Rest was moved from Timaran to the Holy Grove, she gifted the goat to the next inhabitants of the old space. To this day, the squashy goat can be found in the Ivory Towers, a small reminder of old. Following her ascension to the heavens, Vanisse continued to lead and inspire generations of Heralds.

Description (commended):

You shield your eyes as you look at this being, curiously shrouded in warm golden light. At the center of the glow is a slender feminine figure, clad in form-fitting black material. She has sharp eyes that shift color from azure to turquoise, eyes that observe you with unflinching openness. The rest of her figure fades in and out of your vision as the glow pulsates around her, but you remember her eyes. You are struck by the feeling of being in her presence, as if you are being embraced by the sun on a summer afternoon.

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