Trelanya the Holy Matriarch of Healing
Trelanya created on 12th of November 2017, and is currently 53 years old (463 hours played).

Title: the Holy Matriarch of Healing
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: elf healer

Background history:

  1. "Trelanya's trifling youth" - posted at 2017-11-12 17:47:50
  2. Trelanya's travails - posted at 2018-03-10 23:59:29
"Trelanya's trifling youth"
Trelanya was a very mischievous child. Her parents found her impossible to control, despite their efforts at instilling discipline into her. She grew up in some royal gardens not far from present-day Valour, where she had a carefree youth. The gardens themselves were a hedge maze for the royal children, steeped with vines, abandoned statues, thorny rose bushes, and cobbled with pebbles and bricks. Trelanya spent most of her time playing in the gardens, acquiring a love of nature and playing pranks on the other children. She heard about Lady Vanisse, a bearer of luck, from a groundskeeper. The groundskeeper told her about tarots, how following one's passion is most important, and how Vanisse's followers ate gnomes. Trelanya then asked the groundskeeper about Vanisse. The groundskeeper said she was the deity of the Heralds, the merry makers of Serin. Trelanya thanked the groundskeeper, and asked him if he knew anything else. He shrugged, and said, "You know in your heart what to do, Trelanya. I am sure you found a pebble matching your eye colour in the garden?" Trelanya shook her head and went out in search of the blue pebble. She bent over the path of her maze, searching for anything blue on the floor. She found nothing the first day. The second day, she pricked herself on a rosebush. The third day, she returned at night and found the pebble in the center of the maze. Then she pranced away to her groundskeeper. "I FOUND IT!" She exclaimed. "Very good," the groundskeeper replied. "You have found all the secrets of the gardens no doubt. I would suggest taking a pilgrimage to Vanisse's temple." Trelanya nodded and left behind her former home, hoping to find out more about Lady Vanisse.


A fair-skinned, slight of build maiden is here. Dust sparkles around her, and her figure is clouded in mist. As she turns about, the light shimmers like a disco globe. Her skin is definitely fair, however. Her feet are long and thin, her ankles bony, her calves skinny, and her thighs thick. Her torso is hard to see clearly through the mist. Her arms are sinewy, and her fingers are relatively long. Finally, her head has a chiseled face, with short platinum-blonde hair, a pair of pointy ears, a pair of ocean-blue eyes, and a small pointy nose near a mouth with a thin smile about the lips.

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