Thorgoth the Conqueror of Serin
Thorgoth created on 04th of March 2013, and is currently 69 years old (501 hours played).

Title: the Conqueror of Serin
Gender: Male
Level: 52
Class: fire giant berserker

Background history:


Before you is a gigantic man who appears to have been chiseled from the intestines of a volcano. His eyes are furious and strong, narrowing in concentration at the slightest movement. His skin is dark and leathery. The amount of heat that radiates from him insists he is masquerading an internal firestorm. On the outside, his muscles are extremely robust, surging when he changes his combat stance. Around his broad shoulders rests a fur wrap, attached to a string of bear teeth. His barbaric demeanor captures the image of a tortured soul that boils with an unfilled lust for destruction.

Mystiques mentioning Thorgoth: