Taor the Harbinger of Annihilation
Taor created on 01st of June 2018, and is currently 21 years old (83 hours played).

Title: the Harbinger of Annihilation
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human shaman

Background history:

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  12. The Conflicting Mission - posted at 2018-07-06 18:07:30
  13. Orcs and Gods - It's a hate and hate relationship - posted at 2018-07-06 18:17:55
Prelude to an Omen
Most who dwell in this war-ravaged world have abandoned the notion of fate, for every day the toll of conflict reminds them that uncertainty prevails and chaos reigns. Ask an avian or a human about fate and they will most likely laugh in your face. Pose the same inquiry to an elf or a gnome and the answer will almost certainly be much different. Those whose lives are long and whose experiences are vast see patterns. Some have even learned to assign significance to events that others would overlook. And so we begin the tale of an orc - a being born to be crude and lowly, ferocious to a fault - with this in mind. It was dusk on the first Day of Taekir War, during the Celestial of the Tolerance that a wizened and cruel wizard heard a commotion on the docks of Darkhaven and looked down from his balcony on the Misty Lane to see what was transpiring...

Description (commended):

For a long, tense moment your attention is snatched by a frightful creature, as the disgusting stench permeates the air. Standing head and shoulders above most denizens, the harsh features of this orc seem to promise brutality on any that stand between him and whatever he may want. His face, painted with venomous, unfiltered malice - the trademark of his kind, is a living chronology of pain, bearing scars upon scars - curiously, his left eye-socket looks to have been caved in by a heavy blow. Somehow the eye still functions, though it has gone completely black. The strange inky ichor has tainted the skin around it as well, spreading with the steady, merciless intent of a plague. His agape mouth is filled with a myriad of crooked, and broken teeth which appear to be rotting, as his irregular breathing comes out as a series of low growls. Though two long tusks, unbroken in his life still jut from his lower jaw. As you take stock of his strange characteristics, it becomes evident that this orc seems to have something he shouldn't - control. Where one would expect to see rage and madness in the eyes, this one has a will of ice and steel. With his mane of murky black, the tattered mantle of furs, and the multitude of ghoulish talismans affixed to his person, he looks notably different from the orcs seen elsewhere.

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