Taleroth the Phoenix of Dawn
Taleroth created on 18th of September 2003, and is currently 221 years old (4087 hours played).

Title: the Phoenix of Dawn
Gender: Male
Level: 55
Class: avian cleric

Background history:

  1. Sympathy - posted at 2013-11-16 08:20:20
It was a golden age where citizens of Valour enjoyed peace and prosperity in this Castle. A female elf, heavy with a child, walked around the streets of Valour. Each shop keepers she walked past stopped their work, admiring and in awe of her beauty. She was the revered priestess of the Temple of Light, the next successor as the high priestess of Valour. For years, she would travel to the Arch of Gloria for her daily prayer. While she was in deep communion with her deity, a sudden pain overwhelmed her. Contractions followed suit and sending signs of her child delivery is soon. Under the Arch of Gloria, screams of labor pain were heard as a Knight of Valour waited anxiously outside a make-do tent for the news of his child. The father witnessed a mystical phoenix flight across the skies as the wailing cry of a newborn was heard. A name appeared in the air, pulsating in gold - "Taleroth". Under the careful nurture of his parents, Taleroth was taught and trained in the art of weapons by his father. His mother did not favor battle and blood, preferred her parental education in the form of divine faith and clerical magic. When he reached the adolescence age, he was enrolled in the halls of Paladins like some of his fellow kinsmen and siblings. A fine student he was, in the eyes of his mentors. They believed he would make his father proud by following his footsteps to serve as a Knight of Valour. Taleroth had been observing his surrounding, his sight of the Knights were different from others. Often he questioned himself about the Knights, why do they seek to purify those who are branded as shadow and tainted. He dare not speak of such thoughts to anyone, knowing these thoughts would upset his father. It was a fateful day when he witnessed a sentencing of one who treaded the path of tainted. He listened with intent of the speech of prosecution and the testimony of the defendant. She related a story where she was forced into slavery and serve darkness out of her own will. Sympathy and mercy described best about the feelings Taleroth had. He heeded to his heart, interrupted the hearing and pleading mercy for the defendant. The bystanders whispered unfavorable words upon his actions as he turned his sight towards his father. Disbelief and ashamed were the meanings he deciphered from his fathers expression. Taleroth left in the midst of hearing, with a heavy heart. That night, he slipped into the room of his sleeping parents. He whispered words of farewell to them as he left his sheltered home quietly in the night. A tear trickled down his mothers face as she pretended to remain deeply asleep. Even though the Knights despised him for his deeds, Taleroth had never felt liberated like now. His heart had been set free from the years of questions with forced answers. He set out on a travel to learn about Thera and her citizens. The journey taught him the fullness of life, each interaction with therans taught him new knowledge and insights about them. The winds of Thera whispered secrets of this land and he gained more lore of this mother land. He came to know a hall who shared his same love the Conservatory of Heralds. Heeding the calls of Torkalen and Clesa, he joined the Heralds as a young novice of scrolls.


The Ether courses through this being.

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