Phahrdrah the Holy Shaman
Phahrdrah created on 01st of December 2017, and is currently 30 years old (274 hours played).

Title: the Holy Shaman
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: quasit shaman

Background history:

  1. The escape - posted at 2017-12-13 22:17:59
The escape
Being under someones control is indescribable, its like you are there but its muddled or foggy. I knew what was happening the entire time, all the horrors I inflicted. The abyssal that favoured me... I could feel him through me, his large talons extending out and my body would jerk in response. His eyes would glow a fiery red and my targets would clutch his eyes in agony, writhing in pain. That was the best part of my life, when someone else was screaming, my master seemed to exude a different radiance and I would feel different in turn. It became my favorite time. When you are not in control of yourself, time has no meaning. What ever was happening though, change happens to everything eventually. Nothing is free of this one truth. Overextending their might, the abyssal lost control over many of us and I was one of them. My master taught me well, the giant blisters popping and forming and spreading so rapidly his skin looked alive. Collapsing to the ground, his body in a severe weakened state. Unable to move anymore he just writhed and gasped. I walked away snickering just barely an adult and now free.


Before you is a ghastly creature, winged and textured like a bat. Having four extremities aside from his wings though they kind of just hang loosely while he flies. The look on his face is one of droll indifference, with the sickly green hue it is an unnerving look. Phahrdrahs skin is so worn and cracked, mistreated so severely that he looks ancient even though he has many years ahead of him. His eyes look onward, hazed slightly and golden in color. Reptilian in nature though, slit vertically and large. Thin, tight lips stretch open to reveal razor sharp, pointed teeth. Blood stains can be seen all around his mouth. The skin on his face hangs loose around the edges, sinking into his cheeks and under his eyes, gaunt and skeletal. His whole head is bulbous in nature and void of hair, his neck barely able to hold it upright. Phahrdrahs wings are twice again the length of his vertical and connect to his body at the shoulder blades surrounded by his only apparent muscle tone. He slouches inwards, an obvious insecurity, his arms long and boney and you can clearly see his ribcage from any angle. Phahdrahs legs are horribly atrophied and misshapen and end in ugly scaled and webbed between three toes.

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