Oniath the Wrath of Nature
Oniath created on 24th of March 2020, and is currently 19 years old (49 hours played).

Title: the Wrath of Nature
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human ranger

Background history:

  1. Pain and Glory - posted at 2020-03-26 19:22:16
Pain and Glory
Oniath grew up as a bastard child never really knew his parents and this has always been a torn in his side. If his parents did not want to be a part in his life, then they are the ones that have missed out. You could say that Oniath uses this as a trigger to search the land for his natural parents and to discover what life is all about. Growing up Oniath observed that if you want something in life the best way to get it is to utilize brute force. Local town folks in Darkhaven, said that he originally born of human parents, which owned all of the shops within Mudfall. His secret family was said to own all of the shops in Mudfall. Only his parents know his true origin and to this point, life must be about pain. Inflicting pain is often the best way to solve problems because in the end might will make right. From his childhood, he has watched the struggles of good, evil, and balance and always thought that it would be exciting to be right in the middle of it all. Throughout life, Oniath learned that if you want something in life you have to go afterNothing is ever given to you. Oniath spends most of his time learning about combat and how he can get better in all aspects of combat. He knows that he can trust in his ability and that fights are won by the strongest opponent.


As you look upon this human, you realize that he is very small for his race only standing in at four and half foot tall. Oniath is taller than the average elf and halfling but not by much. He has rather high cheek-bones and his ears have a small point on the top such that he looks like he might have a cross between a dwarf and an elf. Oniath's most noticeable feature is his long reddish brown beard. His beard is so long that it looks as if it could get caught up in his feet if he ever had to run away from danger. His beard is very well kept which is surprising because the rest of his appearance is dirty as he is covered in oak and moss. His skin has an earthy brown tone that looks as if he has been exposed to the sun for long periods. Oniath's hair is bright blond and he has small beady eyes that is hard to make out but look green in color. His hands are somewhat dirty covered in soil as he has been working on the land. When you look at the palms of his hands they are covered in chalices which confirms his work ethic.