Olyn the Beardmaster, Lord of Salt and Sea
Olyn created on 28th of January 2007, and is currently 1949 years old (37884 hours played).

Title: the Beardmaster, Lord of Salt and Sea
Gender: Male
Level: 59
Class: halfling druid

Background history:

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Olyn had dreamed of becoming a warrior of renown since he was a boy. Most of his childhood was spent in Valour, where his father was a low-ranking Valourian guard. When Olyn was five, an army of brutes attacked Valour killing several Knights and guards, including his father. His mother was forced to raise Olyn alone, taking on more hours at her job in City Hall. When Olyn was ten, he decided (without consenting his mother) to travel the world. He set out north of Valour, but soon grew lost and frightened. Remembering something his father had said to him shortly before his death, Olyn sat down and waited for help. It took nearly a week to be rescued and never before had Olyn seen his mother so angry. That very night while making dinner, Olyn asked permission to travel. This time he would go eastward, where he had heard elves actually live underwater! His mother responded with a backhand frying-pan to the face, which left a mark under his eye that has yet to fade. Olyn would wait until he was sixteen to ask his mother again. <br><br>Olyn joined the warrior guild of Seringale and became a master of fighting before returning to his hometown and seeking out the Knights of Valour. Olyn rose quickly as a Knight, reaching the rank of General as quickly as was possible. As his Executor lay dying in his arms, Olyn was named successor and the next Executor of Valour. He held the position for some time, never ceasing to hold back the darkness and protect the citizens of his city. <br><br>Olyn was granted immortality by the god Davairus for his service to Valour and Thera, but forced to serve as the leader of Darkhaven's Legion of Darkness, who waged war against Valour. Olyn kept his station faithfully until he was able to break free and return once more to his homeland to serve as Valour's Eternal Guardian.


Before you looms a tall and muscular light green giant. A large frame sports broad shoulders and a neck thicker than many trees, while bulging arm and leg muscles hint at enormous strength. Sitting atop this impressive foundation is a square-shaped head, gentler in appearance than his stern physique. Deep, blue eyes sparkle from round craters indented into his face and a long, red beard blends seamlessly into the long, wavy mass of hair on his head while partially concealing the movements of his mouth. Despite the hairy mask, his captivating smile is unmistakable as his cheeks seem to lift and pull his beard high enough to conceal his ears. His stubby nose is slightly mashed and his left cheek bruised, as if a powerful bludgeon were applied under his left eye and left its mark, permanently.

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