Oakenst the Battlemaster
Oakenst created on 26th of April 2019, and is currently 22 years old (58 hours played).

Title: the Battlemaster
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: treant warrior

Background history:

  1. The Emerald Forest - posted at 2019-04-26 05:28:56
The Emerald Forest
They come with their axes. Biting. Chopping. Splitting trees asunder. The good men collect deadfall. The nasty, the orcs, they split viable trees for pleasure. A forest can only stand complacent for so long. The emerald forest had weathered the ages. Eons had come and gone. Countless species had evolved and passed from this world, yet the great forest endured. Then came the time of men. The goodly folk - men, dwarves, elves and suchfolk learned to live within the forest in harmony. There were other creatures, however, wicked creatures that roamed this land. To the east of the forest, there grew a clan of orcs and goblins. As is common with such creatures, their bloodlust drove them into the forest seeking out victims for their cruelty. Unable to defend themselves against the horde, the goodly folk dwelling within the forest succumbed. The orcs were sated for a time, but then they returned. When they found no folk within the forest to savage, they turned their ire upon the trees instead. With axe and fire they assaulted the wood, starting in the east and moving westward. There was something, however, that the orcs did not know. They did not know that the forest had endured for millenia, and that not all trees were as passive as they seemed. The savagery of the orcs awakened ancient protectors. The treants left their slumber and were horrified by the destruction the greenskins had raught. They slipped through the normal trees unnoticed, encircling the orc warband that was pushing into the forest. In one fell swoop, they moved in from three sides, slaughtering every orc and goblin that had entered the forest. The ground ran red with the blood of the foul creatures. Their corpses served to nourish the saplings that sprouted in their wake. Oakenlimb is not one of those treants who defended the forest those many years ago. He is, however, a sapling that fed upon the thick, dark earth that was fertilized with the nutrients of a thousand orc corpses. Still an adolescent by treant standards, he has left the forest in search of something greater. He is uncertain of his purpose going forward, but he would rather die seeking glory than to grow old standing still.


Standing before you at a height of roughly thirteen feet is what appears to be a treant. Gnarled limbs made of thick branches are covered in rough bark of grey hue. A myriad of branches sprout up and outward from where this creature's shoulders would be, were it not a treant. In the center of the trunk, just above the limbs acting as arms, is a face etched into the bark in deep gouges. Thick gouges act as eyes and a mouth, with no markings for a nose apparent at all. From within those eye slits, there simmers a power, a hatred, or a powerful hatred. While this creature would be a very young oak tree, which he resembles because he is a treant, he still striked a posing figure and would likely strike fear into the heart of a gnome, should that gnome come at him for kindling.

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