Nycticora the Dark Lord of Chaos
Nycticora created on 09th of February 2013, and is currently 19909 years old (397285 hours played).

Title: the Dark Lord of Chaos
Gender: Female
Level: 56
Class: human dark-knight

Background history:

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Nycticora was born in the city of Exile during the age of Alliances, long before the Great Purge. The daughter of a river fisherman, she was named for the red-eyed birds that hunted the same fish the family lived on. Hers was a happy family and a good life, until Rodyn built his great fortress near the shores of Demea Bay. Caught between the fortress of the Legion and the city of Liberty, the fields and rivers of Exile were destroyed by war and her roads blockaded. With no way left for its inhabitants to grow food, no incoming trade, and no safe escape across the war-torn countryside the city began to decay, effectively besieged. Nycticora was orphaned during the first year of this war. Confronted by poverty during her eleventh year, the young girl began looting valuables from the bodies of fallen soldiers of both sides of the conflict and trading them to officers of the Legion for meager food supplies. Living on a diet of little more than moldy bread and hardtack, her health slowly worsened. She learned to hate the passage of time and fight against every hour that brought her closer to starvation and death. Tragically, after fighting this battle for nearly three years, she breathed her last under the trees of Drkshyre Wood and fell among the corpses of the slain. It is unknown to all how she was raised as an undead creature, but Nycticora has vague memories of wandering Thera as a primitive beast. With little more intelligence than an animal for tens and hundreds of thousands of years, she was always drawn to battlefields where soldiers of Legion perished in combat to feed. By chance she was near When the immortal Groq shed his fire giant body to become something more, and devoured his cast-aside corpse. Cannibalizing a portion of his divinity, she regained her intelligence and ascended to the lowest rank among immortals.

Description (commended):

A young human woman with curly, shoulder-length charcoal colored hair, Nycticora has angular features and a sharp gaze. She stands at about 5'6" and has an athletic build with slightly toned muscles. Her pale hazel eyes combine with her skin's ashen pallor in an unsettling appearance reminiscent of a child's doll. She moves with an uncanny grace and speaks in an ominous voice.

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