Niusan the Begotten of the Astral Plane, Cigar Connoisseur
Niusan created on 21st of August 2009, and is currently 94 years old (898 hours played).

Title: the Begotten of the Astral Plane, Cigar Connoisseur
Gender: Male
Level: 52
Class: human invoker

Background history:

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Born in the tiny village of OfCol, Niusan was born into an average poor family. He grew up with the local boys, learning simple fighting techniques. As he grew into his younger teenage years, he began watching began adventuring. <br><br>At the age of fourteen, Niusan came across an old hermit. For a few gold coins, the old hermit, in the local woods, gave Niusan an old leather bound book. Believed to be useless to the hermit, it gave Niusan an insight into the ways of magic. It told of the old ways and how elements work with channeling. Knowing that there was more to this, Niusan brought the book home, amazed with his new finding. <br><br>When Niusan turned fifteen, he decided to show his parents this leather bound book, after memorizing it. His parents, being simple farmers, were rather displeased with Niusan. His parents believed that he could use his talents much better tending to the crops. His parents then took away the book, never to be seen again.<br><br>At the age of seventeen, after tending to the crops, Niusan decided that this was not the life for him. He told his parents his desires, and his parents, though with grief, decided to let Niusan explore Thera upon his own will. Happy to follow his path, he swore to his parents that he would never forget the ways of the farmer and even learn how to create food through magic.<br><br>At the early age of eighteen, Niusan finally left his hometown of OfCol and set foot for Timaran. Knowing this town was the hometown of the Mystics, he thought this place a good town to begin his journey into this vast world.


Standing here, gently, is a lightly built man. His skin, lightly tanned from his adventures, is clean and untouched by scars. His hair, golden blond in color, is short and swept back by a headband. His ears sit just under the headband, pointing up and back. His smile is broad and his eyes glow with a light blue. He stands at the height of an elf yet has the body of a man. Hanging from his belt are a few tattered scrolls, an empty mug, a quill and ink jar, and a few other oddly items. Laced to his back is an ancient staff, etched with time and magic.

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