Mogrun the Holy Shaman
Mogrun created on 20th of April 2019, and is currently 22 years old (64 hours played).

Title: the Holy Shaman
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: fire giant shaman

Background history:

Description (commended):

Limp black hair hangs loose about this giant's shoulders and falls freely across his face. Deep within their sockets, a pair of eyes the color of cold ash stare outward with a fervor only known to those of the Faith. His body is marked and scribed in strange designs and mystical symbols, some of which seem to glow with an unknown power. He stands with a hunch in his back yet still remains taller than most around him whilst the back of his hands drag along the ground besides him. His lower jaw protrudes too far forward and his canine teeth stick haphazardly up and over his top lip, the left one being pierced with a hoop of gold. A large and very well-fed stomach hangs out past his waistline and seems to move and jiggle with every monstrous step he takes. Power, or perhaps heat, seems to emanate from his large frame, singeing the edges of his threadbare clothing.