Meriando the Cleric of Divine Order
Meriando created on 14th of January 2013, and is currently 25 years old (169 hours played).

Title: the Cleric of Divine Order
Gender: Male
Level: 52
Class: elf healer

Background history:


A heavenly elf illuminates the room brightly, with the power of the Light at his side. His calm face smiles kindly, as he looks around with his shimmering emerald green eyes for those in need of help. Though his body has no doubt weathered the ages, he does not appear a day over twenty years, for the heavens provide him with an endless youth form. Filled with the intensity of the Light, this elf constantly is prepared to aid those who are in need, and set on guiding all on their paths. Dressed in an immaculate white robe, this being is filled with an immense purity that no mortal can match.

Mystiques mentioning Meriando: