Lydana the Bringer of Harmony
Lydana created on 04th of October 2001, and is currently 165 years old (2967 hours played).

Title: the Bringer of Harmony
Gender: Female
Level: 56
Class: storm giant healer

Background history:


Through a pale shimmering of passion and peace, stands a lady storm giant of proud stature. She seems carefree and youthful, wise and ancient, all at once, all glimmering in knowing compassion. Her movement is flowing yet resilient, graceful yet strong her body's balance seems true to both her large structure and feminine figure. Two restful emerald eyes twinkle merrily over a small, softly rounded nose giving her face a gentle and peaceful shape. The glow of youth and contentment radiate from her large rosy cheeks and glossy red lips, while the experience of untold ages beams from her confidant gaze. Her pale sapphire skin glitters faintly as it draws all possible light and reflects it back at all her surroundings. Only slightly larger than normal, her soft unlined hands are held out in a position which shows she wishes to harm no one.

Mystiques mentioning Lydana: