Lucith the Holy Matriarch of Healing
Lucith created on 06th of February 2020, and is currently 20 years old (71 hours played).

Title: the Holy Matriarch of Healing
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: human healer

Background history:


A holy aura surrounds the goddess before you. Nothing short of royalty, her demeanor could lead one to believe this lady to be a warrior of the Light. Vibrant strands of blonde hair fall gracefully over her shoulders ending just above her hips. The bluest of blue coloured eyes are present below thin black brows that almost seem to dance across her forehead. High cheekbones squeeze a thin shaped nose that seems to compliment the face quite well. Pointy ears hold a very distinctive look, almost of elven heritage. Thick plumped lips align oddly with a chisled jawbone. Her stature is petite with militarist movement.