Lorne the Glowering Tower of Power
Lorne created on 26th of October 2014, and is currently 100 years old (1145 hours played).

Title: the Glowering Tower of Power
Gender: Male
Level: 53
Class: stone giant berserker

Background history:

  1. The Aimless Ford. - posted at 2014-11-04 09:50:03
The Aimless Ford.
Long have I wandered the Ford aimlessly, since I was a child. My father was dead when I reached the age of five. My mother cared for me, but alone, she can only do so much. I never left home, only stayed within the Ford, fighting with the other giants. Our kind wasn't welcomed much elsewhere. There has been myths of mighty giants that have raised their swords and axes for glory and have made a name for themselves in the realm. Those were the only stories I remembered since childhood...

Description (commended):

This giant has matted, black tangles, falling to rest slightly below a set of broad shoulders. Hawk-like, maroon-gray eyes crown a face that is youthful, but missing the right eye. A pierced nose is perched proudly atop a wide mouth, the lower lip slightly too large. Rising above a scarred neck is a compassionate countenance. Resting below that is a well-defined midsection, the muscle lean and long over the bone. Limbs that are willowy and lean extend from the midsection to the lightly calloused hands, enfolded with skin that is darkly-stained. His arms fall below his waist with hands that appear slightly too large.

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