Khiotha the Holy Shaman
Khiotha created on 06th of October 2018, and is currently 33 years old (240 hours played).

Title: the Holy Shaman
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human shaman

Background history:

  1. Childhood memories - posted at 2018-11-10 18:54:37
Childhood memories
No one really knows for sure what makes an evil person. Some would say the environment that which they are subject to during development. Others would say that true evil is born into them. One in a hundred humans are born with no emotions, but does that make them evil? Some defining moments of Khiothas, like when he was eight, playing king of the hill with all the other children near his age. Ambling to be king and wrestling with a girl just a bit older he lost his footing and tumbled down the dirt hill. Smashing his forehead on an ill placed rock on the way down, separating his eyebrow down the middle of his left eye, Khiotha was scorned mercilessly for being bested by a girl and ostracized by all the other children. Blood streaming down his face and mixing with his tears he ran until he found a dark hole to crawl into. Angry and hurt, alone he tapped into something. He had no idea to what he was doing though. Curing his serious wound, purely by his profound hatred, emanating from his very being. Almost completely erasing the savage gash altogether. Though the wound disappeared, the ridicule did not. Now was this an act of environment, making a young boys life much more difficult in a social world or was it simply awakening his evil nature that was there all along. The connection with the dark one long engrained in his soul.

Description (commended):

Standing a little over six feet tall Khiotha's head is held high, posture erect and rigid. Bright and fiery red hair cropped short almost seems to glow on top of his head. Slightly crooked teeth shine through a very sly smile, showing slightly yellowed teeth. Brilliant eyes stare out from light brown eyebrows, perfectly shaped. Hazel in color, a light greyish green background accenting a vibrant gold sun shining around the pupil, his orbs to which he views the world shine with wisdom beyond the package containing them. Khiotha's shoulders are square and tense, not heavily muscled but toned and riddled with veins flowing down into proportionate forearms and hands. His torso is where his height comes from giving his overall appearance a lopsided look, though he holds a thin physique throughout. Fitness, born of, good genes, not that of hard work. It only works on the opposite sex.

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