Kedaleam the Sovereign of Law
Kedaleam created on 30th of April 2015, and is currently 166 years old (2493 hours played).

Title: the Sovereign of Law
Gender: Male
Level: 53
Class: half-elf dark-knight

Background history:

  1. The Guardian - posted at 2015-04-30 12:25:34
The Guardian
At a young age, Kedaleam became quite fascinated with helping others. Typically when he would travel with his mother to the market, he would always ask her for a few pieces of gold, to give to the needy along the roads. His family was wealthy so it only made her proud to see him helping, so she typically obliged. As he continued to grow, he found interest in the ranks of the paladin halls and joined them immediately. While out on a retreat helping a small town, he heard news of another way to assist others, the Arbiters of Justice, and left to seek them out.


Here stands your typical tall, slender man of the half-elven race, looking sternly about the area. His pupils seem almost nonexistent, giving his gaze an eerie quality. His ebony hair, hangs unkempt, curling behind his sharply pointed ears. Coarse, fibrous hair covers all visible parts of his body, but groomed on his face into a long, black goatee. Thick, battered arms tell of a life of physical endeavor, and calloused hands confirm it.

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