Jorax the Commander of Justice
Jorax created on 07th of April 2018, and is currently 23 years old (132 hours played).

Title: the Commander of Justice
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: jotun paladin

Background history:

  1. Modest Beginnings - posted at 2018-04-08 00:52:19
Modest Beginnings
His story begins in the mountains of the far north. His earliest memory is that of strife and division. Who cared who was to rule? What did it matter to those living like him? They all wanted taxes of some sort, or some kind of contribution. What did it matter who was in charge? Yet men and Jotun fought wars over it. Wasn't his problem. Growing up in the chapel he spent most of his time in communion. Yes he learned to fight, as his order was a militant one, but no they did not involve themselves. The Paladins of Drantia didn't get involved. They helped those in need, they hunted the occasional vampire, but overall they focused on order. All of that was soon to change, when Chaos struck their home. He was just a boy not quite yet a man when it happened. The smell was terrible, the smell of something burning without smoke. Brimstone and sulfur filling his senses he turned to his teacher to ask what was going on to a look of horror. Turning to follow his gaze he saw it. A towering demon easily as tall as two of them along with a horde of bat winged apelike demons cracking whips. Where had they all come from? Who had done this? None of that mattered as many rushed to battle to defend their lives. Picking up his weapon to fight as well, his teacher denied him. "Take the woman and children into the mountain, escape. Protect them" Opening his mouth to argue he was not given a chance. A bitter taste in his mouth he rushed to do as he was commanded calling on Odoacer to strengthen their light. Not a one of them returned. Weeks and weeks of rushing deeper and deeper into the mountains trying to escape eventually found them skirting a mountain range filled with an even bigger evil. Few of them were left when they reached Seringale, and the boy now a man did not know what to do. It wasn't long before they were pulled in by the watchman to find out what they were about. This is where his true story begins...


As you near closer you feel a sense of peace and radiance. You can't help but look for the source. Towering up and up, the bluish figure before you is impossible to miss. He is so large that he cannot fit through many doorways without crouching. Large, sea-green eyes peer down at you from a face that seems almost square in shape, and is accented by a large, bluish scar across his left cheek. His hair, if it can be called that, looks like a bed of icicles as it rests atop his head, refusing to be ruffled by even the strongest wind. His massive frame is bulging with muscles earned from a period of hard training.

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