Jarrvase the Warder of Electricity
Jarrvase created on 22nd of September 2019, and is currently 23 years old (78 hours played).

Title: the Warder of Electricity
Gender: Male
Level: 40
Class: human invoker

Background history:


Curly messy hair of black, Eyes that match staring back, Crescent glasses on his nose, Short black mustache that he grows, A beggar said eyes of four, A comment that he does adore, For the glasses he does not need, But they actually help him read, All the books that he can find, To fill his ever curious mind, But it's not time to talk of books, Let's get back to how he looks, Skin so pasty pale and clean, Like the sun is never seen, No muscles formed to talk about, His child labor run a drought, Not the tallest human here, With an awkward step I fear, Unimpressive he may be, But that is the sight you see.