Ijigoshk the Grand Master of Assassins
Ijigoshk created on 05th of January 2019, and is currently 24 years old (122 hours played).

Title: the Grand Master of Assassins
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: slith thief

Background history:


You've discovered a roguish slith. The amphibious reptile's posture seems still and unaffected by being detected, and if it weren't for a swaying tail that idly does so, he might be easily mistaken for an inanimate statue that is tall and reasonably lean, weighing between two hundred to three hundred pounds. He's got white skin with sort of a membrane that has grown rough scales that he wears about him like a mud brown cloak. A helmeted crest of blackscale with subtle spikes runs along his head to the tip of his tail.