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Fhaldar created on 03rd of July 2019, and is dead and gone (25 years old, 146 hours, 2 months lifetime)

Title: the Grand Master of Seasons, Archon of Valour
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human monk

Background history:

  1. humble beginnings - posted at 2019-07-08 04:19:48
humble beginnings
Born into a life of poverty and ill fortune, Fhaldar didn't let this affect his demeaner at all. Both his parents were killed in a rather calculated goblin invasion, caught unaware on a date upon the southern gate. Giggling, half drunk while a goblin snuck up behind them. Orphaned into the monastery at the age of 7, he was easily malleable into the aesthetics of a monks life. Slightly above average stature and aptitude gave him the ability to master most hand to hand combat stances by the time he was seventeen and a humble upbringing, Fhaldar adventured forth from the monastery to seek out his higher purpose.


Standing at roughly six feet, his muscles loose. He shifts side to side, with fluid subtle movements. Fhaldar's face is not unattractive, though years before this wouldn't have been the case. Now, scars of varying size and degree accentuate his previously rugged good looks. His hair, once a beautiful golden hue, now stained with dirt, blood, and grime lays very unkempt. Shoulders that have quite clearly seen their fair share of rigorous activity, extend out into well muscled arms. His hands are dried, calloused, cracked and covered in scars. His torso is just as toned, and just as scarred, leading into his legs, which he always keeps covered.

PK stats:

Kills: 6, Deaths: 10 (Ratio: 0.6, Efficiency: 37%)
Pinnacle Kills: 3, Pinnacle Deaths: 6 (Ratio: 0.5, Efficiency: 33%)

Kills by class:
shaman: 1, warrior: 1, ranger: 1, monk: 2, thief: 1, illusionist: 1, invoker: 1,
Killed by class:
invoker: 1, dark-knight: 1, shadow: 1,

Nemesis: Diani

Logs mentioning Fhaldar:


  1. Shit, man why did you do that? It was going so good for you, everyone is entitled to some bad luck...
      [reply to Dunral]
    1. Nycticora [reply]
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      That came out of nowhere, you were on target for HOE if you kept up the good work
        [reply to Nycticora]
      1. Nadrin [reply]
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        Straight up enjoyed interacting with you across several characters. Had fun fighting against you, beside you, and had some really fun rp interactions. I am really disappointed to see this. I fully expected Fhaldar to be the next Executor, and I would have supported a HOE nomination had you kept it up. Good luck with the next character.
          [reply to Nadrin]
        1. I liked the character, talked smack and backed it up. Also, decent tracker. I understand the impulse after a couple of bad events.
            [reply to Chaut]
          1. Well shoot.
              [reply to Phostan]
            1. A shame. I was hoping that we would get to fight in a few days when my situation becomes more stable.

              PS. What's with entering a crusade and attacking silently when I wasn't even anathema yet?
              1. tayyah
                0 , 0 , 1 .
                You completely misunderstand what a crusade is. The helpfile "crusade" is public you can look it up yourself, but it is actually the means for you to take the oath. Anathema is what happens after you break the oath or a few other offenses. If you were an Anathema, I would not have crusade at all, I would have just went for your throat.
              [reply to Brathaelia]
            2. tayyah [reply]
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              The Facade was shattered. Getting killed half naked and afk just finished the character for me. Completely my fault. I just don't feel there is anywhere for me to go after that. In hindsight I shouldn't have been playing but I don't regret the delete.

              "Shadow is annihilated by the rising of the sun, but will return again as
              soon as it sets." This is the mantra that followers of Soluminus live by.
              They feel they must never compromise in their quest to annihilate evil, and
              they need to be ever vigilant of new threats arising to take its place."

              I tried to embody this section as a character and that was the main driving force behind my roleplay.
                [reply to tayyah]
              1. Ceridwel [reply]
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                Loved having you as a follower and having a badass goodie running around for once. Sorry to see this one go.
                  [reply to Ceridwel]
                1. Well shit, hate seeing you go. Enjoyed seeing you log on because I knew I was in for a good fight. I'd rely on summon mostly instead of chasing... Felt I had better odds that way instead of running after you for a few ticks, which is plenty of time for a monk to be healed back up.
                  Nonetheless, always a pleasure doing battle with you.
                  I'm sure we'll do it again on your next toon.
                  1. tayyah
                    0 , 0 , 0 .
                    auto-sneak+ not being able to use your vuln against you=not my favorite person to fight. But, willing combatants are why i keep coming back
                  [reply to Eurayel]
                2. Davairus [reply]
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                  I'm just wanting to comment that after the huge amount of work I did on the monk comeback, this is an extremely rewarding read.
                    [reply to Davairus]

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