Eurayel the Unholy Lady
Eurayel created on 20th of January 2019, and is currently 38 years old (288 hours played).

Title: the Unholy Lady
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: drow dark-knight

Background history:


Noticeable features of the dark-elf descent are prevalent, but with a bit of uniqueness. She has thin pointed ears that curve towards the back of her head, then slant downwards. The awkward shape resembles the horn of a young ram. Shimmering silver-white hair extends just below the shoulders. The ends of the hair seems to have a mind of their own as they move and curl about, similar to the movement of a earthworm. Her pale white skin looks as if she has showered herself in pixie dust, glimmering gently in the presence of light. A rye smirk comes across her face, followed by light blue eyes looking up at you with a soul-penetrating glare, momentarily stopping you in your tracks.

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