Eloret the Chancellor of Infinite Gnome Justice
Eloret created on 27th of July 2011, and is currently 66 years old (989 hours played).

Title: the Chancellor of Infinite Gnome Justice
Gender: Male
Level: 52
Class: gnome invoker

Background history:

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Eloret was raised in a tiny village filled with tiny people. Just as many of the children in the village were taught, so was Eloret. He went to school every day learning of spells and of life outside of the village. The day Eloret turned fifteen he ventured off to bring back knowledge of the world outside of the tiny village. Eloret learned of many things on his year long journey but he stumbled upon a book which contained many ideas and thoughts that the tiny village never even spoke of. The book contained much context on law and what is acceptable in towns. Eloret brought the book back to the village and went to the Fegnort the chief of the village. Fengort told Eloret he was to take to memorizing the book and to teach others in the village what he learned. Eloret went into solitude for weeks, reading the book watching the world and beginning to realize that the law was broken everyday. He went back to Fengort after memorizing the book and told him he wished to become a Deputy. Fengort, not knowing what this meant told Eloret he was unsure that was possible. Eloret insisted Fengort read the book and appoint him. Fengort took to reading for weeks, watching the world and realizing much like Eloret did that the village was in total chaos. He told Eloret that he was going to take the responsibility of enforcing the laws. This pained Eloret so much that he left the village and set out for the town he had read so much about, the beautiful city of Seringale.


A ball of grey hair is seemingly standing in front of you. It looks like it is rustling around a bit. The hair is topped with a pointy red hat. Through the ball of hair you see a small scrunched face. Beady eyes peek through looking around almost never blinking. Some small ears shoot out from the sides of the hair. This little ball of grey is actually a gnome with an absolutely huge beard.

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