Edebayo the Tiger of Vengeance, Keeper of Serin
Edebayo created on 24th of December 2019, and is currently 24 years old (134 hours played).

Title: the Tiger of Vengeance, Keeper of Serin
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: werebeast ranger

Background history:

  1. Balance from within - posted at 2019-12-27 22:31:39
Balance from within
Edebayo was born on the third day of the month of the Ivory Tusk. His birth was deemed quite strange as he entered this world during a full moon. Most births of his kind occurred during mid day or morning. His parents and the medicine man kept a close eye on him in the following months of his birth. As he grew into a young child running and playing with the other children the tribe saw he was just fine and decided to let him roam free with them. This day will live forever in this tribe of humans, the date was the twenty first day in the month of the Tiger. Edebayo was playing with the children and one child in particular began to jab a stick into his belly. Edebayo could feel tears welling up and ran away. He did not want to disappoint his father so he went back to the group of children. The bully, Rodhu laughed at Edebayo and said. "Back for more eh?" He began to jab at Edebayo with the stick and throw rocks at him, Edebayo taking the abuse felt a wave of anger shooting through his body then a quick sense of calm. His body began to transform. He could hear his bones breaking and forming, the skin on his body being covered with fur, his teeth growing long and sharp. All the children stood in complete shock and fear, Rodhu was trembling and wet himself. Edebayo even more shocked at what happened saw a near by lake and ran to it. He saw not himself, but a giant tiger in his reflection. Just as quickly he transformed he turned back into his human form. All the children from the village ran home and told their parents. Of course no one believed save the elder of the village, Vishgu. It was rumored that he himself turned into a beast, but he sequestered himself to a cabin deep in the mountains. Vishgu walking with a terrible limp, leaning heavily on a giant oak branch lead Edebayo to his cave in the mountains. There he began to train the young Edebayo in the art of war. In the midst of his training Edebayo again turned into the beastly tiger, Vishgu then followed suit in the form of a giant boar. With their minds linked Edebayo could hear Vishgu tell him to harness the fury within and channel all that you have learned. The battles for Edebayo began to grow more intense, first with young bear cubs, then with fleet of foot deer, now he was onto boars and wolves. After a long day of dueling, Vishgu could see the passion Edebayo had for battle was beginning to grow. Vishgu leaned to him and said, Edebayo do you know cubs, then with fleet of foot deer, now he was onto boars and wolves. After a long day of dueling, Vishgu could see the passion Edebayo had for battle was beginning to grow. Vishgu leaned to him and said, Edebayo do you know of our ancient history. Edebayo responded, "No, please tell me." Vishgu whispered, "We are the chosen children of Serin, born to balance the world of those who seek fortune and glory. It is your birth right to seek out others like you, train them as I have trained you, for your purpose in life is to succeed where I have failed." "Failed?" Said Edebayo. I once wanted to join an organization to fulfill my birth right, but I was not strong enough in battle, my training left me with this terrible limp and I was a liability in the field," said Vishgu. "Seek out those who seek to bring balance to the lands and they will welcome you.


The man before is quite plain almost blending in with the scenery behind him. You keep a sharp eye and a keen sense about you because you sense an inner strength and presence about. This man stands nearly six feet tall, he is very toned and muscular. As you gaze into his eyes, you see his irises are a soft hazel color with specs of green. His head is shaven clean with a neat beard and mustache. He cannot help but smile revealing crow's feet at his eyes and deep set wrinkles at his forehead. He has large hands, rough and calloused. His fingernails are dirty and sharp with dirt and leaves beneath them. For the average human he is uncharacteristically hairy, you can see chest hair spilling out of his unbuttoned shirt and as he bends over you see tufts of hair springing from his backside.

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