Dunral the Battlemaster
Dunral created on 04th of August 2019, and is currently 22 years old (62 hours played).

Title: the Battlemaster
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: dwarf warrior

Background history:

  1. The Muragrol Clan - posted at 2019-08-10 06:25:21
The Muragrol Clan
The clan of Muragrol was a proud clan. Many long years ago, through war and bloodshed the clans and races fought. They stayed out of it, while a part of the north they were aloof. They trained, prepared, and made ready. Not for the clan wars, but for something else. Long foretold their clan had a prophecy that spoke of the end. They were to be the caretakers the watchers. Signs began to appear, omens it was close they knew it. So finally spies were sent out, scouts forerunners. Troop movements were tracked, raids halted, and finally they took to the field. They met them on the field, the warring clans. Their armor was better, their training more complete, and their tactics overwhelming. The clans and the races were given a choice, come to the table or be crushed. A new threat was near and it was more important than all else. It took time, but eventually all signed. The Muragrol would be the enforcers of the treaty. If any broke or attacked their neighbors the Muragrol would come, and for a time all was peaceful. No one dared scheme or attack their neighbor for fear of the consequences for all else would align against them and they would be destroyed. Then finally it happened, the last sign. The prophecy was at hand. As one the coalition went to war. It was long and bloody, but in the end they won. The end averted the Muragrol could rest. That was not to be though for they were still the peace keepers. Many years of peace passed and the tale of the Muragrol became a tale of Dunral as here his story began. Dunral was a young dwarf of the clan and his future was bright. His 16th name-day was the last with his clan. All had gathered for the celebration and that was when it happened. The entire clan was there, the celebration in force when their mountain began to shake. The sound of the roar sent chills through them all as they rushed for their weapons. Suddenly stone collapsed upon them, and many of them were crushed as the dragon broke into the side of their mountain. The next thing that happened was the terrible breath attack from the dragon. Many more died in an instant. Dunral was fighting for his life alongside his clan, when he was struck by the tail of the dragon. Dunral was knocked off a ledge, and he attempted to grab at one of the cables holding aloft a bridge across the chasm. The cable snapped under tension from the blow and twisted around his arm cutting him to the bone. The side effect was that he hung from the end of the cable as he slammed into the other side of the chasm. That was the last thing that he remembered from that night before he woke many days later. Nursed back to health by a clan of gnomes deeper in the earth he learned he was the only survivor. Just like that his clan was done for, his home taken by the dragon. Several clans tried to reclaim his home and slay the dragon, and none were successful. When Dunral was finally well, he set off into the world. Homeless and clanless he soon found himself in the fabled city of Seringale.


The first thing you notice about him are his ice blue eyes staring out at you and everything else. This blocky figure seems almost triangular in shape, like an upside down pyramid. His clothing is carefully groomed, his hair cut short in a militant manner. His arms seem to bulge outwards obviously well muscled and overlong, while his legs seem to be abnormally short. After you are able to take your eyes off his massively broad shoulders and extremely narrow waist, his hands catch your attention. Fingers longer than normal, gnarled and twisted yet not seeming to lack any flexibility. A long scar twists up one arm, in almost too even lines looking as if a wire had bound his arm and cut to the bone. All in all a rather unique appearance for the figure standing before you.