Chaut the Adept of Davairus, Grand Master of Skulls
Chaut created on 04th of August 2017, and is currently 29 years old (258 hours played).

Title: the Adept of Davairus, Grand Master of Skulls
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human monk

Background history:

  1. The Beginning of Chaut - posted at 2017-08-07 14:32:55
The Beginning of Chaut
Chaut was born into a rather average family in Mahn-tor, where he spent his early days learning about all of the different trades throughout the town. Chaut was quick to learn that he was different than the town folk of Mahn-tor because he did not look like anything a minotaur. In school, Chaut was always one of the best students who had a quest for knowledge and was always curious about life outside of Mahn-tor. What was most disturbing to Chaut was wondering why his original parents left him behind. And of all places why they choose to leave him in Mahn-tor, did they want him to be a great warrior? Chaut never really seemed to get over being left behind by his parents and this over time grew into resentment for the realm. This resentment grew into darkness that made him seek out an answer as to why he was left behind. One day he traveled into Seringale and was sitting at the local tavern when he heard of some great battles fought and the return of the Warlords. What caught his interest the most was hearing about how this group of fighters held themselves in public. Until this point, Chaut's life lack purpose and direction which made him feel quite empty inside. He heard things such as honor, respect, and discipline which he quickly ran back to school to learn as much about these new concepts. In school, Chaut quickly studied everything he could about the Warlords and developed a sound understand of what the group stood for in combat and life in general. Since Chaut was rather average in size when compared to most in Serin, he decided to take studies in the arts of being a monk. Chaut packed up all of his things and ventured to the monastery where he could teach himself about what these new concepts stood for and learn to live on his own. In the monastery, Olenoff became a quick learner and took to the arts of being a monk very well.


A man before you stands about five and three-quarters feet give or take an inch. His head, arms, legs, and face are cleanly shaven, but a very large noticeable tattoo about his right cheek. The tattoo looks like some sort of dragon that is blowing fire out of his nostrils. His shoulders and chest are comprehensive and brawny, and his skin is very pale as if he has not been exposed to the sun in a very long time. His back is most noticeable feature because it is out of proportion with the rest of his body. Although he is standing up straight and tall, there is an obvious hump on the top of his neck. His face is another pronounced feature, with blood red eyes peeking out from beneath tidy eyebrows. His cheekbones are flat and somewhat sunk into his stern face. There is a very small patch of hair at the bottom of his chin, maybe ten hairs that is an attempt to form a beard. His ears are very rotund and skinny lips are compressed strongly.

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