Ceridwel the Templar of Enlightenment
Ceridwel created on 03rd of May 2011, and is currently 251 years old (4069 hours played).

Title: the Templar of Enlightenment
Gender: Male
Level: 55
Class: half-elf paladin

Background history:

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As the citizens of Greginsham stood their ground before the orcish horses, one of the two village heroes stepped forth. His name was Ahvoron, a templar knight of the high council of Sheresdar. Ahvoron was Ceridwel's father, a noble and brave knight. As the war broke out between the tribes, Ahvoron wished for his son's safety solely, as he knew this battle would be his last. Ceridwel's mother died with the last invasion of the orcs, and in such an enviroment as Sheresdar, invasions and attacks were not a rarity. At the age of thirteen Ceridwel stood before his father for the very last time, but he was oblivious to the fact. Due to the constant militaristic style of his tribe, practice at an early age was proper for most everyone. Within nights, Greginsham was beset on all sides, and the citizens who fled the city could only travel so far. Most of them were hunted down and slain, but Ceridwel survived for the search of enlightment. After fleeing the forest, he would seek a place to further her training and beliefs, to find guidance in a form so pure and welcoming.

Description (commended):

With perfectly polished armor shining, this half-elf stands before you confidently. His blonde hair is neatly kept with not one hair out of place. Gleaming blue eyes sparkle as light reflects off of them. A strong jaw line frames his face and enhances his perfectly chiseled features. His body is of average height and very well defined with excellent tone.

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