Balestier the Battlemistress
Balestier created on 18th of September 2017, and is currently 22 years old (100 hours played).

Title: the Battlemistress
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: slith warrior

Background history:

  1. Dark Familiar - posted at 2017-09-28 16:20:31
Dark Familiar
Balestier came from a cultist family who worships the abyssals. As part of the coming-of-age ceremony, Balestier was granted a quasit familiar, as do all other members of her family, through a dark ritual that summoned and bound both master and familiar for all eternity. This bond is sacred in its own sadistic, symbiotic way such that one can no longer exist without the other. As a result, the mental state between the two are so deeply entwined together, forming an almost perfect telepathic link between both minds. She sets out on her quest to spread chaos and destruction upon the world, with the aid of her familiar.


Standing before you is a female slith with a lean and muscular frame taller than most males of her kind. Her body is largely covered with emerald-green scales surrounded by a glassy-red hue along the edges. The scales are most abundant around her back and diminishes towards the front of her torso to form a leathery layer around her bosom. Her slightly-protruded spine connects down to a strong tail which dances around her in unpredictable swings, creating sharp, whip-like snaps in the air from time to time. Despite having an appearance more akin to a reptilian origin, she is able to move about with uncanny grace and sensuality. Short, fine spikes dorn the brow region of her eyes, encasing fiery-blue irises which appear to burn with undying intensity.