Auhror the Arcane Chimera of Order
Auhror created on 28th of June 2016, and is currently 34 years old (346 hours played).

Title: the Arcane Chimera of Order
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: quasit illusionist

Background history:

  1. Awakening. - posted at 2016-06-28 09:55:59
What is this? Arrraaghhhh... Pain. Agony. The Shackles. I can see, my legs... My claws. I can move from this arch at last. My wings, yes. Freedom. I have watched over this city for thousands and thousands of years. As seasons and seasons pass, I stand amongst the shadows, guarding the greater evil that descends upon the city. The mortal guardians patrol the streets and in the past wielded almost immortal power to keep the corruption at bay. For a time, I laid still, watching the parishioners live and die. Arson, theft... Murder. The countless innocent bodies and disease lied waste upon the city streets. Blood splattered on all the buildings. It started to drip onto my stone body. The innocent screams of thousands of anguish souls, began to breath life into one which had none. I began with only thought, the memories of the dead mortals and the cries before they were slaughtered. These mortal guardians have become weak, a rubble of the grand power they once were. The hide behind their special mercenaries, giving meaningless warnings to the scum of evils. The thoughts continued to brew in my mind, driving my insane and hateful. My claws started to tingle. Neighbouring cities were lost to factions of men, that let their citizens run wild and without proper form. I had enough. These mortals will know the power of Order, the strength of days past. Blood will be paid with blood.


Thick, serrated horns curl back between his pointy triangular ears. His yellow eyes bulge as if the hatred behind them is about to burst forth. A short snout smothered in black smoke rests atop a wide mouth with two small fangs on the upper rim. The right fang seems to have chipped and broken off. A pair of large gray scaled wings are perched from his upper back. They are arched and ready for flight. The rest of his body looks heavy and gray, almost reminding you of stone. Large clawed feet and hand are pointed together in a stable stance. A bit of rubble can be seen scattered around his legs.

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