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Astinha created on 05th of July 2019, and is dead and gone (22 years old, 90 hours, 2 months lifetime)

Title: the Wrath of Nature
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: half-elf ranger

Background history:

  1. Enter the Fray - posted at 2019-07-07 03:50:45
Enter the Fray
I was born south of Seringale surrounded by the beautiful sounds and smells of nature. I grew up in a home of strict discipline and unwavering competition between my brothers. As the only girl my father always pushed me to best, with focus and training to never let a man take advantage of me or see me as weak. From an early age, I learned to defend myself against extreme odds and deal with overwhelming circumstances. No matter the weather my father would train us in the art of war. We held countless duels in our family only to proclaim the last one standing as the winner. No matter how tired you were, you kept fighting and digging deeper until your hands dropped the very weapons used to protect and attack. My mother would tend to our wounds, but with the same strict behavior demonstrated by our father. In the summer time our clans would come together in a tournament for children and adults. I was selected to represent our family. I was pitted against a giant among giants. This minotaur dugs his hooves into the ground and charged wildly at me. I braced myself behind my shield and lashed out with my whip. We battled and battled finally leaving the minotaur stunned clutching his chest spent with rage. I loved the roar of the crowd and the attention victory brought. After the games I told my parents I venture on to find others that share in my dreams of winning the grand tournament of champions.


A tall slender woman stands before you with a coy smile. Your journey begins into her deep green eyes with the slight human imperfection of a tint of hazel. As your gaze takes you, her golden hair flows in the wind as if she is underwater. Her smooth pale skin is complimented by a small nose and rosy cheeks. Her lips a vibrant red color and her perfect teeth complete the rare beauty she is. As your gaze turns to her neck you notice her slender shoulders and thin but toned frame. You can tell she is an athlete, quick and agile, but you return to that smile and acknowledge her sense of cunning and wisdom. Your eyes move below the neck and to her breast and you notice a light scar at the tip of her breast bone. Her hourglass figure leads to a tiny waist, but unusually thick thighs and tiny feet. Her finger nails and toe nails are cut quite short, but she does have her ring finger on her left hand painted a solid gold color.

PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 5 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 1 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:

Killed by class:

Logs mentioning Astinha:


  1. Grayden [reply]
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    Good? Bad? Ugly?

    If you don't mind, I am curious what you thought of the ranger.
    1. tayyah
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      I enjoyed your company we played alot together over quite a few characters... As long as you are having fun that is what matters.
    2. Ozaru
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      Same thing here. Playing a ranger was brutal without help, especially a neutral because you don't get bonus exp from killing opposite align mobs. I couldn't tank anything of value to gain ranks or even at 50 I couldn't kill anything without a huge time sink.

      Very few classes in this game can you solo play and accomplish what you want. I had really good success with a half-elf ranger before as a warlord this time not so much. Maybe it was eq disparity or lack of skill but I found the fights I had were pretty one sided. The warlord cabal seemed to be up and coming and then everyone stopped playing so I found myself alone most of the time which is why i stopped playing and made a legion.

      In this game you have to make outside contacts, its not designed for solo play. One of the most frustrating things was 2 player exp was worse than solo exp which seemed crazy to me. I log in every day and finally someone in my group range shows up and I get half the exp I would get from the same kill alone.
    3. tayyah
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      If you want a circle jerk than make a knight. be nice to people. It has nothing to do with outside contacts. You were doing good as far as just playing a neutral. But it seems that rangers are not your thing anymore as your record speaks for itself. Some classes are set up better to solo things than others, but its way more nuanced than that. You can't take a screwdriver and call it a hammer and expect it to hammer nails... unless you live in north america.
    [reply to Grayden]

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