Anavel the Sage of Arcane Power
Anavel created on 10th of April 2018, and is currently 20 years old (62 hours played).

Title: the Sage of Arcane Power
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: gnome invoker

Background history:

  1. Safety First - posted at 2018-05-22 16:19:27
Safety First
Born in Seringale, as many of Serin's citizens are, Anavel was raised, generically, within the city's walls. Her family was nothing of particular note, and no strong lineage existed in her blood for any specific job or skill. Her father was a scribe, his father trained horses, his father was a farmer, and so on - with the same variety of odd-jobs existing on her mother's side. When young Anavel became old enough to start her studies, which is comparatively early in Gnomish culture compared to human, she immediately took on a fascination of books in general. She tried to read everything she could get her hands on: books about races, cultures, religions, cabals, law, anti-law - you name it, she probably read something about it. Her parents, slightly disappointed in her scholarly instead of vocational attitude, tried to push her towards something where studious behaviors pay off: magic. As a young invoker trainee, and fascinated by books as ever, Anavel found her calling. Manipulating elemental forces allowed her to conjure protection that would keep her tiny form undamaged whilst training more potent magics. With this she could also help, hinder, and otherwise influence the balance of a fight towards better ends. Not much of a fighter herself, and hardly a battle-hardened warrior, she found the idea of this direct and indirect conjuration of different arcane magic to be ideal for her. Aside from that, her research led her more and more towards the Justice - those who control the laws of the protected cities within Serin. The Iron Fist of Justice, as she saw it, protected citizens and those within the city who decided to voluntarily stay within its walls. Coercion was not its job, nor was conquering the wilderness with cities, or any such world-altering scheme. In her mind, people were like her: people who wanted to live and do what they wanted, without other people stabbing them in the face randomly. Cities provide that protection in the form of a social contract, where those who break it become criminals or outlaws - exiled from the city's walls since they cannot respect the rights of others. She hopes, one day, to be able to protect the city in which she was born: Seringale.


This rather short female gnome stands with perfect posture, yet it only yields a rather unimpressive three feet tall. She is quite attractive, by gnomish standards, with a perfect light grey complexion that almost glistens. Her age is starting to show as the ever so faintest crows feet begin to form at the corners of her eyes, yet she still possesses tremendous charisma. Uncertainty is with you, but you would guess she is certainly not a front-line combatant. Her hair is a dark mahogany brown with random pieces of grey beginning to show that falls unbound to her mid-back, it falls perfectly aside from the two enormous ears jutting through the sheen. Her eyebrows are well tweezed and move often with her animated facial expressions, sitting above two sparkling eyes that glow with the deep blue of a daytime ocean. They are magnified even moreso behind her stylish glasses that sit upon her scrunched nose, quite small for a gnome. Her perfect pale pink lips are smeared from cheek to cheek in an innocent smile that now holds the confidence of a seasoned magus...

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